Discover how to communicte

with Spiritual Beings.


Enhance your physical and

mental well being

Learn unique transcendental

healing techniques


Gain knowledge of how to use

crystals and sacred layouts 


We invite you to discover your inherent knowledge!!

 Awakening and  Activating the highest qualities within each of us restores the Universal      Balance through caring leadership and harmonious living this offers.

A Crystalline Aspect of Self is a communication ability available to us to assist in the transference of our personal essence and awareness to the Inner Mind, so we may access this knowledge to assist us in our everyday life. Our journey in this realm is just beginning to take place now, it is important to all mankind to embrace the Mythonian Ways, so our cycle of  life may continue well into the 21st century and beyond. Mythonian Methods offer confirmation of healing that takes place within the Holistic, Spiritual Essence and Physical Body. As an EL-MAYUR you may become a Leader of Nations or  a  tutor of our Methods the choice is yours. We offer to help you with training, teaching aids, manuals and support in all aspects for those that wish to teach others and so pass on the Mythonian Way of living. Those of you that take on business careers or roles of guiding people to a successful lifestyle, know that support is always available from us.  By  using the Scryptah a network of like minded people is created for all to enjoy. As you travel and meet others so too will you be welcomed on your journey, a place to rest and enjoy the company of friends.

Be proud to pass on your new found knowledge for this is the Mythonian Way.

The SCRYPTAH is a Spiritual Guide for all.

  This is a natural part of our evolutionary growth which was designed to occur slowly so we may assimilate the experiences of our now with that of our past, thus gaining in knowledge and wisdom. Added to this is the growing awareness of your crystalline connection to that of  Universal Crystalline Energies, both combine with all the other aspects of Self to enhance who we are. By learning more and understanding what this means to you and how it may aid your well-being and happiness, is the desire within many of you and we  have dedicated ourselves to passing on this knowledge offered to us by Cheylia'. Help those in need, offer councelling and physical wellbeing, enjoy your life! By tapping into the Energies of Mythos those of you that become Healers (Masters) are able to focus Healing Energy from the energy centres of and within their hands and so deliver  healing benefits for  those in need at the subconcious level, thus allowing Mind, Body and Soul to be in harmony with each other and your aura radiates reflecting these feelings to those you Love. Such is the Love and Power of this Gift to us.

Crystals, Music and Meditation

    We teach you how to use crystals, which ones to select and ways in which they may be combined to enhance their vibrational fields, offering a powerful energy Conductor, Receiver, Transmitter, to assist in tapping into and harmonise with the energies which we connect to using a  SYRAH. Group meditation journeys and healing benefits all take place within a Syrah Group. This opens a new world for the spiritual and metaphysical healers that are serious about achieving the maximum from the Gifts offered to us.

You learn to harmonise and synchronize your energies with all crystalline vibrations.

 MYTHONIAN WAY is a new Concept

If you are ready for something new perhaps this is for you?

Learn unique Mythonian Transcendental Energy Healing

How to use crystals and channelled crystal layouts to assist your life and that of others.

Discover the knowledge of universal Leys and how you they aid our decisions

Enjoy meditation, sacred circles and group activities.

            We are dedicated to assisting others in discovering their highest potential and a life worth living.  A variety of Mythonian Courses are available, each one offers you a little more about the mysteries of who we are, why we are here and how destiny influences our Spiritual Journey. The Mythonian Teachings are offered for those seeking answers to life in general, for there are many paths that may be taken, each has it's unique challenges to overcome. Allow us to assist and guide you so your life experiences are a delightful adventure. The first step is to Awaken, Activate and Restore your Crystalline Aspect of your Sacred Self. This is undertaken by viewing specific energy keys and undertaking movement a meditation that will assist your ability to succeed in the transference from data stored within your energy field matrix to your inner mind where it may be accessed.

All humans were given personal data that would aid their life experience upon Earth. our eternal Mother, Cheylia' did not send her children off into the unknown without knowledge they may access in times of need. However, the ability to do so has become difficult for the majority of people, thus it was decided help was required...hence, the Ascension Activation Keys were channelled through Shaman Eilee for this purpose. The enegy frequency of Earth is undergoing a change and all life needs to be aligned to it. Therefore, should you decide to do so the Ascension Activation Keys book is available for purchase through Amazon, or by contacting myself or Sho'Lin.  We do conduct this as a teaching course on a personal level... however, it is not necessary to do so. This is the most important aspect of the Mythonian Teachings as you will be aligned to the universal energy frequency of Earth allowing you to feel more settled and your spiritual awareness, insight, creativity, physical and mental well-being enhanced, enabling you to walk your path more confidently.

The Mayur Teachings are of Mythonian healing methods.

 The El-Mayur Teachings are of more advanced healing methods, plus preperation to teach.

Crystals of Divinity Teachings contain knowledge of how to use crystals and sacred layouts.

The Syraki Teachings Series contain guidance as to the Mythonian Way of living

and much that will assist your life experiences.

      We upon Earth are entrusted to lay the foundations for the following generations.

                                        We all eminate from the Divine Source of All That Is and Ever Was.

                                        We cannot become Spiritual...for we already are.

                                        We can become more enlightened...more of whom we are spiritually.

...The Mythonian Way ...

Every thought loving

Creates only loving, caring, words and deeds

And So It Is 

                                                             We all aspire to do better ...  be better.

                                   However, if you follow the Mythonian Way of living ... your aspirations are met.


                                      for more information or bookings

                                                                    please contact:                                                                                                                

                               Shaman Eilee   or  Sho'Lin Dene.                   

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