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The Crystalline Way to Wellbeing

 Health, Friendship & Happiness 

Meditation & Syrah       - Enjoy a fun night. Meeting people and relaxing, exchanging ideas and offering guidance to all present.
Syrah Crystal Healing   - Spiritual & Crystalline Energies unite to offer a recharging of the Sho' Energy allowing the holistic
                                          benefits to take place.
Mythonian Reiki            - Touch healing and transference of ancient energies of the universe.
Mythonian Healing        - Spiritual Corrective Procedure of damaged tissues and the replacement of Sho' Energy, allows the
                                          Mind, Body & Spirit to be restored to it's previous beauty.
Chakra Balancing         - A holistic healing using crystals to balance your energy flow to the entire body complex.
Tarot Reading               - The ancient way of predicting future events, overcoming paths of destruction, offers awareness of now.
Quantron Resonance    - Healing (Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy), energizes the body at the sub atomic level, restoring the
                                         harmonic bio-rythms of life force energy, improves sleep patterns, restores the immune system.
Body Harmony              - Massage stimulates your blood flow, energy transference abilities, relaxes mind and removes tension.
Physical Restoration     - Heal yourself from within, boost your natural immune system... using Cheylia's gifts and natures herbs.
                                          (benefits include...Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Anti-biotic Resistant infections...etc.) 
Transfer Sho' Energy   - For Stress Relief, Pain Relief, Psychic Restoration, Improves your Companionship,
                                         Romance, Understanding, Relationships, Physical Attraction and Aura Benefits.  
Sycronic Aura Healing - To strengthen & repair your aura, increases the Discrimination effect... helps to prevent unwanted
                                         energy contacts, increases personal attraction to the desired play mate.
                                         Your aura radiates to others. 
Mini Workshops           - Allowing new ideas to be introduced to do with what you will. Offers insight to Mythonian Teachings.
                                  Tuition on Creating a Carefree LifeStyle ... using the Mythonian Way network.  
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 Mythonian Ascension Guides & Healing

Awakening, Activating and Restoring the Crystalline Aspect of Self is the process available to us to assist in the transference of our Personal Spiritual Awareness to the Inner Mind, so we may access this knowledge to assist us on our journey through cycles of life.

THE SCRYPTAH ... Channelled information offering confirmation of healing that takes place within the Spiritual and Physical Body. As El-Mayurs you may become a tutor of Mythonian Ways. We offer to help you with training, teaching aids, manuals and support in all aspects for those that wish to teach others and so pass on the Mythonian Way of living using THE SCRYPTAH as a guide. A network of like minded people is created for all to enjoy. As you travel and meet others so too will you be welcomed on your journey to enlightenment. Be proud to pass on your knowledge of healing for this is the Mythonian Way... 'So Sha'.         

               THE SCRYPTAH is a Channelled, Holistic Guide for the 21st Century and beyond.

This is a natural part of our evolutionary growth which was designed to occur slowly so we may assimilate the experiences of our now with that of our past, thus gaining in knowledge and wisdom. Added to this is the growing awareness of your crystalline connection to that of your Universal Energy, both combine with all the other aspects of Self to constitute the Spiritual Human Being of Intelligence we are. By learning more and understanding what this means to you and how it may aid your well-being and happiness, is the desire within many of you and we at the Mythonian Centre have dedicated ourselves to passing on the knowledge offered to us by our Creator of Love and Life, Cheylia'. Heal the most difficult, offer physical wellbeing, enjoy your life! 

By tapping into the Universal Energies of Cheylia', Mythonian Healers (El-Mayurs) are able to focus Healing Energy from the Chakra's within the hands, delivering healing benefits for all aspects of those in need... even at the subconcious level. Allowing your Mind, Body and Soul to be in harmony with each other and those you Love. Such is the Love and Power of Cheylia'. 

                                                          Crystals, Music and Meditation

    At the Mythonian Centre we teach you how to use crystals, which ones to select and ways in which they may be combined to enhance their vibrational fields, offering a powerful energy Conductor, Receiver, Transmitter, to assist in tapping into the energies which we channel for healing of others and self.

    This opens a new world for the spiritual and metaphysical healers that are serious about achieving the maximum from Gifts offered to us by our Creator. You will learn to harmonize and synchronize ‘your energies’ with ‘all vibrations’.  

Mind Set is the Focusing of ones ability to achieve a Pre-Determined Result

   All those at the Mythonian Centre are dedicated to assisting others in discovering their highest potential and a life worth living.     A variety of Mythonian Courses are held regularly, each one offers you a little more about the mysteries of who we are, why we are here and our Spiritual Journey Home. For bookings and information regarding them please contact us. 

   We welcome you from all parts of the world and accept that which you are... we take nothing from you but offer Channelled Spiritual Knowledge to enhance your life and for you to take with you on your journey to Enlightenment.

The Mythonian Way Courses are offered for those seeking answers to life in general, for there are many paths that may be taken, each has it's unique challenges to overcome. Allow us to assist and guide you, so your journey will be one of happiness.

    Ascension completes your Earthly Spiritual Cycle... Cheylia' guides us on our Journey Home. 

                                                                                    So Sha... 

                                                       Sho'Lin & Shaman Eilee

                   We welcome you to...

                                The Crystalline Legacy of Cheylia' ,

                                  Her Gift for you to enjoy, to pass on & heal others,

                                         Allow us to offer you ... Health & Happiness

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