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Within each life form there exists a cellular part of us connected to the Divine Source. This is our Crystalline Legacy stored within nodes along our bodies meridian lines. This energy contains our personal information, required to assist our life experiences, that becomes activated naturally throughout our earthly spiritual progress. When this occurs coded data is transferred from our crystalline nodes to our inner memory where we can access it. This has been naturally occurring from the moment we were born. Your Crystalline Legacy is a energy source that is part of you which can be accessed through activating sacred keys coded into our human DNA and it is this that assists the collective consciousness of mankind. As Spiritual Beings here upon Earth in human form to further our spiritual evolvement, there is a need for us to raise our vibration to assist in maintaining balance between the opposing energies within polarity. The driving force of our world has swung in favour of energies that breed anger, resentment, fear and greed. Balance is required. We need to seek ways to create harmony in our life, not just for ourselves, but for others. Thus we are all able to come together and.. Share our Knowledge... as well as Live Our Knowledge... Creating Like Mindedness, which continues to spread as does the Faith within the Mythonian Teachings of Cheylia' and the Love that is offered for eternity. All our publications, for courses and sale, contain channelled knowledge of the ancient arts of healing Mind, Body and Spirit. The Mythonian Spiritual Teachings offer a way of obtaining optimum health along with a sense of Spiritual Oneness with our world and all who inhabit it. As Human Spiritual Beings of Intelligence we are destined to live upon earth for a limited time and in order to continue to function at our greatest capacity we need to expand our cosmic awareness and understand our spirituality in order to d to honour ourselves as .... Guardians of For Future Generations.


MAYUR - 4 Day Course


PATHWAY - 1st Ascension

         Discover more about your Sacred  Self. Awaken your Crystalline legacy. Clear your present of past debris.

         Discover your Sacred Truth and the courage to live it Now. Learn Pathway Aura Healing, receive Pathway Initiation.   

 VISION      - 2nd Ascension

             Discover your inherent dormant skills. Activate your natural psychic abilities and understand how to use them.

             Learn Vision Astral Healing receive Vision Initiation

WISDOM    - 3rd Ascension

             Open the doorway to your Inner Wisdom. Access the knowledge of your Sacred Inner Soul.

             Discover your Cosmic Origin; Learn Transcendental Healing, then receive the Mayur Initiation and Imyrah.


  EL - MAYUR  - 7 day course

Become a Tutor of Mythonian Ways and benefit by having your own classes. (MAYUR must be completed first) 

   Many feel uncomfortable teaching. Through us you will gain confidence enabling you to pass on our teachings with surety. You will learn Advanced Astral Healing Methods, Sacred Initiations, Rituals of Eternal Flames, Conduct Meditations, Use our Special Teaching Formats.  As an El-Mayur you will bring forth your greatest strengths and realize your fullest potential as a Spiritual Being of Love and Light.... As an El-Mayur you will receive the KEY OF LIGHT Initiation and your Tutor Layo.

     YOUR BENEFITS - Teaching Ascension Guides (Manuals), Meditation & other books available... at wholesale prices.   

                                    Pass on the knowledge, and enjoy teaching all you have learnt. El-Mayur's are offered all the services

                                    and teaching aids we provide, to ensure their business aspects and benefits are secure. 

  One of the requirements to achieve El-Mayur is to write and conduct a meditation. 

You will learn how to plan and set up your room, write fliers and invitations, various ways to use divinity cards, crystals, flowers and feathers which are tools that assist in creating changes in vibrations, hence, how and why they are used is important knowledge for you to gain. The ancient form of movement, hand mudras and meditation is taught as an enjoyable, easy way of feeling relaxed and at peace within yourself and environment. Open the doorway to your Inner Mind and access knowledge of your Now, Past, Future and Spiritual dimensions by connecting & meditating at the highest levels, link all those with you on Meditation Journeys to the Universal Realms and Cosmic Origins with our Sacred Circle & Chevahs using a SYRAH. By using Universal Energies tapped into through people forming the Sacred Syrah and invoking the Rahs of Flame using candles plus the addition of healing energy of Mother Earth through Crystals, we connect to healing energies that transcend to us by Cheylia', these energies are sent to help us with many of the Spiritual Aspects  within our DNA. Be at one with our creator by learning the secrets of the Syrah Sacred Circle and all it offers. Spiritual Journey's, Angelic Communication, Healing are a few of the benefits.

Enjoy Meditation Journeys written by other El-Mayurs, for there are many, how easy it is to learn and do is for you to find out and discover. We wish to show you how to share and enjoy another way of the Mythonian Energy offered to us using the Syrah.

                         Optional Courses (available for all people)



(Increase your Crystalline Healing Abilities)

Become a Tutor of this course - 2 day course ... Teaching Guide included.

Learn to heal with Crystals, discover the Crystal Layouts, awaken your Crystalline Legacy, learn to use Healing Wands, Chevas, Meridians and Chakra Centres, Birthstones and Meanings, Synergy of Crystals, Energy Levels of Chakras. Create Crystal Layouts for healing the soul, correction of past traumas, emotional stress and Divine Purification. This course is highly advanced in spiritual union and atonement for past issues by using special crystals and layouts. You will begin healing and removing negative energies from the body and aura complex. Events of the past and present are corrected, including those brought forward from a previous or past life, either through spiritual union or reincarnation. One is then able to embrace life with a fresh start and a feeling of freedom by releasing that which is no longer required.

Healing with Crystals is an art that is passed on to those wanting more to offer,

and so obtain ways of healing with Crystalline Energies from our Creator,

that transfers a purification process for the soul,

and healing energies for others to benefit.

So Sha, Shaman Eilee.

Course includes Teaching Guides (Manuals)... available through us for all our Registered Mentors / Tutors for students. 

  Achievement Scrolls are offered on completion of Courses and also available to Registered Mentors / Tutors for their students.

            "MYSTIC MENTOR" (14 day course)

The main focus of this course is Group Healing, Group Therapy, Vision Abilities, Spiritual Union,

Futuristic Outcomes by Influencing Destiny, Leadership Qualities, Viking Massage & Ley Healing.

(Complete Holistic Wellbeing for Health, Crystalline Healing, Blessings, Marriage, Councelling, Spiritual Ways)

      Become a Mystic Mentor (El-Master) of Holistic Ways with this - 14 day course ... Teaching Guides included.                

The many benefits of Syraki Olah have been offered to us as a gift from Cheylia'. If you truly want to take control of your life, the pathway that leads to your future, your own destiny, then Syraki is for you. These benefits and many more are opened for you to discover once you make a decision to find your own Ley, and learn to control that which is brought forth as you unfold your future path. Such is the power of Syraki, it is to be taken very seriously, therefore there are Codes to learn of and to assist with this, the Syraki Holistic Guide is available, all is revealed for you before such a choice is made. Once you have an understanding of Syraki and Mythonian Ways, through our Mini Workshops or by discussing knowledge shared, you will be able to make an informed decision, one that may change you life in so many ways for the better, at first it may be overwelming. Our group is always there to assist, so be mindful of this as it is part of who you may become. It is required to accept the Faith of Cheylia' to complete this Holistic Course. This then allows one to become a Mentor of Mythonian Ways and offer a Crystalline Sweyth atonement for those wishing to have a new life, one that leaves the past behind to enable the future to be presented in a way that is accepted for who you are in the now. A shroud is an item made from crystals and cloth, that is blessed for ascension purposes by Cheylia', once again this can only be done by a Mystic Mentor, one that has the Syraki Attunements of Crystallinity and Divinity to make it so. 

     SYRAKI HARMONY; Ley Healing Massage and Viking Relaxation Methods and other techniques are passed on to those that learn the art of Syraki Harmony, a soothing, energy healing, massage. Many various hand movements and rhythmic techniques make this a relaxing, enjoyable massage, that carries  tension, aches and pains away. As this method utilises meridian energy within the body during the treat, you are able to heal the person enjoying the treat at the same time. Crystal placement, and attunements of each hand to empower the energies that flow through you are offered, giving you the only soothing method that generates peace of mind, calmness of the inner self, relaxing of the physical body and restoration of the Sycronic Aura energy. There is a total restoration of the natural abilities of the individuals central Chakra's. As this happens, the healing properties that create a cascade effect are regenerated to their maximum potential, so continued healing takes place for several days after the treat.

Syraki Harmony is a soothing,  gentle, relaxing method that Stimulates your blood flow, it offers Syraki Energy Transference from the Master Healer. Excellent to relax the mind and remove tensions from tired muscles, by stimulating meridian energy flow.

Discover your inherent dormant skills. Activate your natural Mind Abilities and understand how to use them. Learn to use a soothing massage technique, using an Ancient Viking Method of flowing movements over  the body.               

We empower your hands to the healing energies of Cheylia' by using Olah's hand Attunements.


      Course includes Teaching Guides (Manuals)...  Achievement Scrolls are given on completion of each Course and available through us to our Registered Mentors for their students.

Full Mystic Mentor Course is as follows...


Mystic Mentor: The main focus of this course is Group Healing, Group Therapy, Vision Abilities,

Futuristic Outcomes by Influencing Destiny, Leadership Qualities, Viking & Ley Healing Massage.

    SYRAKI DELIVERY - I     -  The Syrah Connection            - 2 day course 

   Understanding your Universal Crystalline Dimension. Begin Ley applications for future outcomes and learn of Over Lord and Ley Keeper rolls. Gain further Insight from Olah Syraki and her mystic ways of union. Clear your Auric Field of Negative Energies. Discover your natural abilities to Channel Energy. Learn The Procedures of opening a Ley or Dimension.

Begin Aura Healing, receive Syraki -1... Attunements (offers 3 at this level).   


     SYRAKI DELIVERY - II    -  Group Dimensional Syrahs   - 2 day course       

   Discover your inherent dormant skills. Activate your Syraki Healing and Psychic Abilities and understand how to use them. Learn how to tap into the Syraki Auric Energies and transfer them for Healing benefits. Open your Syraki Physical Energy Centres, Re-Align your Auric Field and Physical Body, Dynamic Health and Healing Procedures begin.

Receive Syraki 2...Attunement.

     SYRAKI DELIVERY - III (MASTER) - Skills of Dimensional Communication - 2 day course       

    Open the Circular Dimension of Syraki Energy, accept the Spiritual Divinity of Syraki Olah and Cheylia' so you may begin accessing their Inner Wisdom and Knowledge of Universal Laws that then guide you throughout your journey in your now. Welcome the power of Syraki Energy to your Inner Soul, become a "Holistic Healer". You then take into account all aspects of the group or person receiving a  treatment of their Physical, Mental, Spiritual and Universal Destiny. Your counselling skills and guidance abound with insight to assist others.

Receive Syraki Master..Attunement.. You may teach to this level.

     SYRAKI DELIVERY - IV - (HOLISTIC GUIDE) & Pre-rquisite to EL-MASTER... 2 day course

   A special course encompassing past Delivery's -I, II, III and also includes new information,  adding to the over all knowledge and skills required to assist the transition from Master to an "El-Master"- Mystic  Mentor &  Tutor. It prepares one to increase their awareness of Crystallinity required for their Syraki Holistic  Journey to be fulfilled. 


      SYRAKI  DELIVERY - V - (CRYSTALS OF DIVINITY) & Pre-requisite to EL-MASTER... 2 day course

    Crystalline abilities and their unique properties are part of who we all are, this course compliments all aspects of your Crytallinity. Once completed one may create personal layouts for healing, cleansing and ascension benefits. Shouds, Sweyths and Syrah Healing require special crystals layed in unique ways to enhance their properties and so transfer the Crystalline Union created for such purposes. A Syraki El-Master is able to master all aspects of their own Crystallinity, which is unique to each individual, for we all have our own Crystalline Template attuned to a Ley of Divinity that guides our Destiny and path to the Continuance of Enlightenment. Refer CRYSTALS OF MYTHOS for more information.

      SYRAKI DELIVERY - VI ("EL-MASTER") Mystic Mentor - Completes Healing Treats - 4 day course


You will have the ability to lead others, conduct Attunements for students, receive all the Mythonian Courses of Syraki for teaching others. The skills gained by completing this course enable you to conduct Viking Treats and Rhythmic Massage including Energy Healing at the highest levels. You have access to all the powers of the universe, offering healing to groups using divine frequence and union to all within a Syrah. Enjoy meditations and offer unique journeys for groups you conduct. Healing one on one or within groups for intense benefits as well as therapies to heal each individual during such group therapy. There are no limits on your healing abilities. You will be able to offer Ley outcomes for any purpose, guidance for the future with powerful insight and wisdom from those you channell to be of assistance. All knowledge of Crystals and their uses, including healing layouts and benefits offered with diagnosis of individuals Chakra Responses. Spiritual Healing using the 7 Ra's of energy manipulation means there is an unlimited supply of Divine  Universal Energy  to offer others. 

    As a Leader of people you will be able to influence the outcome of future possibilities by using Ley Union and Olah's Influential Ways. The health and wellbeing of Self is most important to the overall benefits you offer, for this reason Syraki Energy within you is sustained at all times once this course is complete. Enjoy your new found gifts for they will stay with you for Eternity. You Soul will "Ascend" naturally, with a knowing of those that have been guiding you on this wonderful pathway to Enlightenment. Receive Syraki El-Master Attunement, including a Tutors Layo for Student Attunements. 

               Receive a Scroll of Recognition, a contact list of Mythonian students and Tutors (offers many benefits).


   SYRAKI DELIVERY - VII ... CHEYLIA' - "Divine Love" ... Offers Mythonian Faith, Syrah Ways and Spiritual Leys.

Marriage, Blessings, Spiritual Ceremonies and Syrah Counselling are presented for those wishing to offer these services.  

This is a presentation, offered as a Gift for completing Syraki "El-Master" or may be purchased as desired.

  SYRAKI DELIVERY - VIII ... Fly With Me "In Prisms of Light" Offers Meditation Journeys & Spiritual Verse Ways.

Meditation and Syrah Ways are taught during each level of learning, this book is utilised during these periods. 

This book is presented and offered as a Gift for completing Syraki "El-Master" (or may be purchased as desired).



Course includes Teaching Guides (Manuals)... available through us to our Registered Mentors for their students. 

  Achievement Scrolls are given on completion of each Course and available to Registered Mentors for their students.


  $45 / person... bring a friend and enjoy the fun (1/2 day).


   This is a Spiritual Guide and Testament written and Channelled for all to enjoy. Many unique messages, verses, meditations,    and words of wisdom have been offered to bring forth a new understanding of the Feminine Energy of GOD. There is a new way of accepting that which you have inherited in your DNA since the beginning of time. The unexplainable power within the membranes of all living cells including all life forms as we know them on our planet. Begin to open your mind to the possibility that there is more to life than simply scientific knowledge of what we are. Learn the secrets offered in hidden, cryptic messages.

Add the SCRYPTAH to your library. 


The shields of Cheylia' were channelled and created to offer a decorative Spiritual Connection that may be placed on a wall in your home, so you may be protected from the universal energies that serve you no purpose. We offer them to you so you may declare your faith to those you love as well as your friends that enter your place of living. There are various Shields to Select and claim what is right for you. Enjoy the feeling of being embraced by Cheylia' in your every day surrounds. Welcome Your Divinity.

Discover your personal Shield to display. 


To understand the Mythonian Way of living and how best to serve Cheylia' & Ourselves ... Codes were offered to us by Cheylia' so there can be no confusion as to what it is we are supposed to do in our every day lives. How we treat others, the planet we live in, the life forces of nature that share our planet with us, the natural surrounds and benefits they offer, all make up for a Harmonious Dwelling we call Earth. There is much more to know, share and accept, than was originally left to embrace.

  All now offered to us through  Cheylia' and Her "Spiritual Guides".

                     LEY HEALING & 7 Ra's                     

This will teach you the seven Spiritual Healing hand movements for the transference, shifting and transcending of Universal, Spiritual Energies offered to us by our Creator, as well as being able to manipulate energies of the Physical Body and it's Auric Fields. Each 'Ra' is a special technique used when healing on the Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Planes within all Auric Fields. Syraki Harmony is one such method that utilizes these abilities allowing a soothing transition of energy from hand to body contact.

Learn Group Healing, Connections and Guidance and Meditation.

This is a must  for the serious Spiritual Healers.


     Connect with angles and spiritual guides and Channel their messages.

                                                  Enhance your daily ways with Cheylia's Labyrinth of Life.                                       

During our life there grows within many of us the desire to contact, see and feel our Spiritual Brethren, yet we do not know how as it is not an ability that seems to be part of our everyday abilities....however, this is not the case. We all have the is simply knowledge we lack. Therefore, at the conclusion of this course, you will have gained the knowledge, connected with Spiritual Beings and learned how to allow them into your energy field so they may use your inner human-ness as a way of communicating with others through you... THIS IS CHANNELLING... We provide an opportunity for many to gain this knowledge and guidance.

All is gifted by our Spiritual Guides for you to enjoy.



Ever since flame was discovered mankind has been trying to harness it's Energy. By using ancient energy tapped into by forming the Sacred Syrah and invoking the Rahs of Flame using candles, plus the addition of healing energy of Mother Earth, through Crystals we are able to radiate unified healing energies out upon the earth including specific areas or for people in need.

Your crystalline aspect within is your own eternal flame.


Let the colours of the rainbow and the energy they bring fill your life with a better understanding of who we are and where we come from. Allow colour to show you the way to happiness, enjoyment, pleasure, fulfilment and peace within. Learn how to use colour to influence others, guide your paths and awaken the dormant characteristics within you thus it will show others the real you, the person that is hidden by the emotions and restraints of correctness, politeness, rules of society. Let your instincts be free of boundaries, so you may explore your full potential. All will be revealed to you by knowing the Colours that are your inner vibrational self. We all have a knowing that we are something unique to this world, a secret awaits thee in your  prisms of   mind.

 Release Your Crystalline Aspect, new paths  await thee. 


In the beginning of time the GODDESS aspect of each Spiritual Being was placed within the feminine aspects and properties of each spiritual being. Cheylia' did this for a reason, so all the live forms would know... it is the Female aspect of GOD that is the Universal Composer. There is no other Spiritual Energy that has the ability to create all things. We live in a  Universe Created for us by Cheylia', it is therefore with honour that we offer this mini course to allow the feminine aspect to be recognised and embraced. In so doing we gain the beauty and serenity that was gifted to us to be appreciated by the Masculine Aspects of each life form, and also seeked by the desire of another by feeling and wanting that which is radiating this energy and that which has the ability to turn the mind and weaken the flesh. It is Cheylia's wish that we know out rightful place within Her Spiritual Realms. Welcome your Goddess within you, bring it forth for all to see, feel and enjoy it's power, realise you radiate this to those that are in your space and to those that see you from afar, let it be felt deep from within your lover and know that you have the power of the Goddess to bring forth that which is  yours. You are a Goddess in the making, a Goddess being created, a Goddess that radiates  energy of attraction.

The feminine soul has the ability to caress all before it. Be Proud To Be Feminine.   



    Let the flames of fire unite their energies with the crystals of earth.

                           Unleash the unknown with Chevahs.                           

Many Crystals have unique abilities, discovered by mankind to harness their Energy. By using ancient patterns created for us by the shamans we are able to unlock the connections they offer. This may involve the Rahs of Flame using candles, plus healing energy of Mother Earth through Crystals found that are in abundance for us to use. Learn the healing energies that offer communication to the other species of your planet, the birds the animals, the mammals, call out upon the earth to all life forms for they ascend as do we... people you once knew and those you loved will come forth using the Chevah of your choice to do so. Learn the ways of the Shaman and allow the Spiritual Energies that await you to be found and enjoyed, for they offer you messages known only to them.

 Welcome this Ley to share an affinity with nature. 


The wonders of Tarot & Mythonian Divinity Cards of Life now join you on your quest of services and guidance for others. The ancient ways are not forgotten. Allows us to present to you the most comprehensive understanding of the true meaning of forseeing the future paths of those you wish to enlighten with knowledge of their present, future and past events. Gain insight that will allow you to become an accurate reader for people that come to you for this wonderful gift of knowledge.

  Mythonian Divinity Guides assist you to master the... Mystical Ways of Prediction.



A universal playground awaits you as you become master of future time, Dimensional Shifting or Transference as it is called, is possible using a Mythonian Syraki Syrah Ley. Your 'Future Life' becomes predictable as you enter the world of Syraki and the wonders that have been released through the timeless vortex of the Syrah. By taking part in the sessions and joining a group of like minded people, who all have the same desires of living and enjoying life to its greatest potential, you also become part of their Ley created within the Syraki Syrah. Many benefits are offered during each gathering within a  Syrah. There is no limit or boundaries restraining individual desires, your lifestyle is recreated to a pattern that is chosen specially for you. Guidance by, of and for others becomes part of who you are, the greatness  and benefits of ancient ways are not forgotten. Allow us to present to you a synchronised union and  understanding of  controlling  future paths, not only for yourself to enjoy, but also as a collective group,  enlightened with knowledge gained, their gifts of  insight meld with yours, you are then assisting to manifest the Syraki Ley, a predictable outcome is achieved by Transferring to a new Ley. All is guided by Cheylia' and Syraki Olah, as your group  adopts the Codes of the Scryptah and Syraki, making all things possible as  time unfolds,  your own future will also be revealed, as selected and desired by yourself, providing it is in keeping with the Mythonian or Syraki Collective of like minded people.

The  gifts of knowledge and far sight are now yours.

You may share a Life worth Living, alongside Your Own Personal... Chosen Lifestyle .

                                                            CHEYLIA'S QUEST - MINI WORKSHOPS  $45 / Person   

                                                                 (bring a friend save 50% and enjoy)                                                   

    1 ... Cheylia' & The Scryptah.   2 ... Shields of Cheylia'.   3 ... Codes for Divinity & Trinity.   4 ... Ley Healing & 7 RA's. 

 5 ... Syrah Ways & Spiritual Union.      6 ... 17 Rahs of Flame & Desires.    7 ... Colour Your Life.     8 ... Goddess Rituals.                        9. Crystals, Sweyths & Shrouds.    10 ... Psychic Ways.       11 ... Syrahs, Leys & Meditation.


                                                                            All Mini Workshops 1/2 Day  (9am - 12   or  1pm - 4pm)   


Achievement Scrolls given on completion of each course... and available to Registered Tutors for their students.