By learning more and understanding your Sacred Eternal Spiritual Self and what this means to you and how it may aid your well-being and happiness is the desire within many of you and we have dedicated ourselves to passing on this knowledge offered to us by Cheylia'.

        We upon Earth are entrusted to lay the foundations for the following generations.             

We are dedicated to aid others to discover their highest potential and a life worth living. 

We can become more enlightened and aware of whom we are spiritually.

We all eminate from the Divine Source of All That Is and Ever Was

We all aspire to do better, become better, learn more.

    We cannot become Spiritual, for we already are.    

As all life upon Earth undergoes a subtle change to their vibrational energy frequency,we need to remaing aligned to the cosmic pathways. The universe has undergone a great change so as to assimilate the Inter-Galactic Cosmic Beings into our area of the universe who have already settled upon Earth. Since 2012 these beautiful spiritual beings have been born and now, from 2020, all children born have a different DNA, plus many unique abilities we have yet to witness. Requirement of lighter food, less water intake and sleep time will be normal for them. Learning is faster and retention of it enhanced. We, as the older generation, will have much to learn from them and will need to adapt our ways to accommodate their advanced scholastic knowledge. they will present many challenges to be overcome. The Mythonian Ascension Activation Keys will enable us to remain aligned with our future children and assist in speeding up this natural process, thus enhancing the collective vibration of all life that radiates constantly into the universe maintaining contact with our Spiritual Brethren through ensuring the signal frequencies are kept clear.

Our Eternal Mother, Cheylia' did not send her children off into the unknown without knowledge they may access in times of need.  All humans were given personal data that would aid their life experience upon Earth. However, the ability to do so became difficult for the majority of people, thus it was decided help was required...hence, the Ascension Activation Keys were channelled through Shaman Eilee  to enable you to become aligned to the new energy frequency of Earth. The Ascension Activation Keys book is available for purchase through Amazon so you may undergo this re-alignment without the need for personal instruction. This is undertaken by viewing specific energy keys, plus a movement meditation that will assist your ability to transfer data stored within your energy field matrix to your inner mind where it may be accessed. However, this important knowledge is also part of the Mayur Teachings, a 4 day Course, that includes the unique Mythonian Galactic Transcendental Healing Skills along with Sacred Initiations, during which you will be aligned to the new universal energy frequency of Earth allowing you to feel more settled and your spiritual awareness, insight, creativity, physical and mental well-being enhanced, enabling you to walk your path more confidently with Love and Joy lodged firmly within your Sacred Self.              



Ascension Activation Keys

(26 total)

Shield of Unity





Tamborine Mountain.

Queensland. Australia