Ameah ... Shaman Eilee

Founder of Mythonian Way

Her Australian Totom the Willy Wagtail was gifted to her by Aboriginal Elder Aunty Peggy 

         Born in South Australia, my life swept me along various paths I trod as wife, mother and, like so many of us, I ventured out through trauma, despair and physical pain on a journey of Self Healing. This led me to become more aware of many natural aspects of myself I had ignored, such as clairvoyance and having the ability to see and contact Spiritual Beings. Due to a debilitating illness, diagnosed as Chronic Fatigue, I became a Reiki Master which assisted my recovery and enhanced my spiritual abilities. With a growing desire to assist others I asked my Spiritual Guides how I could best be of service. Their reply was totally unexpected. It came from a Galactic Being of Light named Ori'On, who requested I channel a Sacred Teaching for the benefit of Mankind. This has been accomplished, so all may benefit. Our Eternal Mother, Cheylia' has come forth and left a legacy of written text known as THE SCRYPTAH for those that wish to embrace Her Ways. The time has come to change how we think, care for our planet, each other, those whom we share our bountiful Earth with and live in a way as it was intended by our Creator. You have within you all to achieve harmony where we live... and Peace for Eternity. It is a simple request that demands so little for this to happen, we simply need to honour that which has been gifted to us by Cheylia' ... the experience of life upon Earth in human form that will ensure the growth of generations that follow us. If you are unsure of how to do this simply follow your truth.Confirmation flows to those that take the first step, as did I.

                                                                                So Sha ... Shaman Eilee.       

"The Eleven Miracles"


    ~ ~ ~   


  I (Sho'Lin) was astonished to discover that Jesus, our Messiah of the Christian Faith, is not totally accepted as a Historical Fact. For this to be re-assessed we must go back in time.You must consider the miracles of literature that occurred during the writing of the Scryptah by myself and my sister Shaman Eilee… of which I am about to offer to you for you to decide your own truth, your own belief. You may then continue living in the Spiritual Zone that has been offered to us and to you, so we may emulate the ways of the GOD Force that created us. Firstly let me take you on a journey that will perhaps bring to you a new  revelation of truth… I will take you back to my own beginning, my past. My story begins as a young boy, brought up with loving parents and with a Methodist Church to visit on Sundays, along with my brother and sisters. This was one of weekend events that we all enjoyed, for it was a meeting place of others we knew, it was an expectation that we go and an expectation that was kept by us all, for it was interesting to know of the past and how things were created or evolved.As time past I grew away from this Sunday Ritual, due to a disappointment of not getting a gift from the church that was the same, or equal, to my friends, a simple book. My gift was a card. They ran out of book. Being very young there was a disappointment that was never restored. So youth, it seems, can be highly sensitive to expectations created by others, a replacement of the card would have been accepted, unfortunately it never happened, so I decided these people were not honourable and stopped going to church. It was obvious, looking back, I had a very high self worth within that must be honoured by those I am with, or shared my life with. This has stayed with me, for nothing has changed. Many years pass. I marry, have children and enjoy life in general. Then changes occur beyond my control, a happy couple become entangled with life's issues, separation and finally divorce results. I relocate to another place, a new State in the country I live, by going on a journey with my brother to unwind, working as we travel. Discovering a place of beauty, serenity. I remain in Qld… Caloundra. Eventually my sister comes to us and she stays with us as we convince her we can help her with this Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, for she is very ill and has had no benefit from medical advice given. I begin a quest of knowledge to find the answers to her illness. Finally a formula of natural products is created from knowledge gained. Miraculously this works… (1st miracle) with assistance from both myself and my brother, with walks along the white sandy beaches of this wonderful area her healing takes place. My brother eventually moves on, for his journey is different to mine.

My journey is just beginning…

My Journey 

My life is changing direction without it being obvious at the time. For I have an unusual lump the size of a golf ball appearing on my arm, my arm begins to get hot and appears irritated and swells, it becomes inflamed. A visit to the medical clinic has no effect, antibiotics do not reduce the inflammation at all. A second visit proves useless also, although I mentioned about the formula, and suggested it was maybe worth trying… I did this, it worked, I went back to have the lump removed. This is when my life begins to turn, for as the operation is taking place, using a local anaesthetic, I begin to feel an enormous surge of anxiety, I mention this to the Doctor, immediately on doing so, the nurse in attendance held my hand with her palm under and facing my palm and her other palm on top of my hand, within seconds the anxiety disappeared... the (2nd miracle).

Months pass my sister moves on as do I… we keep in touch for her illness is now gone and so her life too is changing. One day for no apparent reason I visit her… I am amazed at her recovery and energy level. She explains how this is and why it is, and would I like to learn Reiki… Not sure of the out come, but remembering the energy felt by the nurses touch, I said ‘Yes, one day I will let you teach me, but not right now’. Again time passes, days turn into weeks. I am reminded of my reply… so with this I sit in on a Reiki Class and learn Reiki Level-I, with this I continue as though nothing has changed.

Over time we separate in distance, I go back to S.A. for a while… my home state… then return to Qld. On doing so I am led back to my sister, through another strange set of circumstances, yet not unusual. This time my sister is living on a mountain range near a town known as Maleny. So it is here we meet and it is here I stayed, for it is here my life changes dramatically in that I am made aware of a Life Force Energy greater than Reiki… as this is in it’s infancy, I continue to finish learning that which I started, I become a Reiki Master, with the teaching and attunements completed by my sister.

I now begin to understand the real awakening that is taking place. My body releases with it so much of my past, my past lives, my previous negative energies that have been brought forward in time as I have evolved, as I have been reborn, reincarnated, so too have many energies flowed with me, into my soul, into my aura. I realise now, there is far more to this releasing than one could ever imagine. Tears rolled down my cheeks, for it was impossible to stop and impossible to understand or know why it was happening, so one simply must accept it and allow. My sister was expecting this, so walked to my room and asked if there was anything wrong? I explained my situation, as did she explain it back to me. So all was well, for within a few minutes my  reality was back to normal, the releasing was over, (3rd miracle).

     How strange it is that this occurs, that an inner presence can exist without it being realised... until a way of bringing it forth by another being of light is allowed. This is one secret, you must ‘allow’ all attunements to be done.

Many people come to see my sister to learn Reiki, I sit in on the classes and learn much more by simply absorbing all that is mentioned, many only ever the once, for each class is the same yet different in so many ways. The energies of each student are brought forth and released during their stay, for this was the way of passing on this knowledge, to assist in the transition, for it truly is an amazing journey, one that requires an expert to be with you while it is being accepted and as the attunements are taking place. There are no guide lines that make it easy or less of an experience, for it must be felt to be understood, to allow those that are going through this process to know of the journey, so they too can help others should it be a desire within them to do so, for not all of us are destined to be Tutors or Deliverers of a Divine  Energy Source unto others. This is a task that must be offered and learnt willingly, it cannot be forced on to another, our Creator has made this so.

Now the journey to Mythos is one of the most enlightening experiences of my life that you are about to read of, it is a journey that begins with my sister, her request to assist with the Mythonian Channelled Messages, the Teaching format required to pass on this knowledge is being Channelled and has completely absorbed Shaman Eilee, so much so that I offer to assist in any way I can. This becomes a commitment far greater than was first intended, for it is I who must decide of my own worthiness, to accept a request from my sister to become a joint partner, a Spiritual Being of Light, as a Leader of the Mythonian Faith, Mythonian Ways. A new path was being opened, I could not accept this immediately, it was late, night time. I walked outside, amongst the trees and stars of the property we were living. I was deep in thought, could not decide, so stretched out my arms, asking God for a sign this was right for me, this spiritual journey was so different to my life style, so new to my self, it was a difficult request to answer, I asked for a sign to be given… I waited, nothing happened, turning to go back inside I saw a shooting star high in the night sky, crossing my pathway as I was walking to the house. Immediately without hesitation I accepted this as the sign I requested, God had sent me His/Her answer, by confirmation of using that which only He/She could create, or achieve at such short notice (4th miracle).

I went back inside and told my sister I would accept the roll of Spiritual Leader. She was excited and pleased, for she had an inner knowing it would be so. It was channelled to her to ask me the question by her Spiritual Guide Orion, yet did not realise at the time why it was so important, or why it was necessary. Just that is was a request from Spirit… and So It Is, So It Shall Be.

     Creating a new Teaching format, assisting my sister to put together a new way of understanding Life Force Energies... is a daunting experience, one that will last with me forever, and one that will be now shared with all those that desire it to be so. Many things occur to offer confirmation that JESUS lived on this planet, so much so it is difficult to know where to begin, so let me begin by continuing the journey my sister and I both go on, for it was and still is an exciting time for both of us, hopefully for you too … the Reader.

It is not unusual to have to go back to past events to bring confirmation of JESUS to the present… so let us begin with our relocation from the Maleny Mountains to the Coast of the white sandy beaches of Caloundra, a beautiful double story house is presented for us, on the beach front, ways to finance this are also presented, for we were not working. Not a miracle, yet we were being assisted by a force beyond that of normal occurrences, for the timing of these events all fell into place, exactly as they were required and when need was there. So with this it is enough to say we were assisted in more ways than one. Students were presented to learn and pay for courses, as if by a miracle, not that it qualifies, for this is a normal situation, just co-incidence of the timing. Two people were presented to us, for us, they were kind, caring and very generous to say the least. They stayed with us for several months, then left for they had other issues to resolve. Never the less all things were presented to make this venture successful. It was unfortunate that a decision by my sister to relocate and take with her that which was finished or so we both thought at the time, with her and a friend to another location. This was not to be a wise move for all collapsed when we parted… although it was not realised why at the time, this would happen… While we were together on the coast, we travelled, passed on the knowledge to others, healed many, allowed many to also teach and pass on the Mythonian Ways to others… including Reiki, for it was this that acted as a stepping stone to the next Journey… one that will stay with us forever. I was requested to do a healing for a person during one of our travelling ventures to teach others, so with this I asked Shaman Eilee how should I do this, I wanted to use the Mythonian Method but it was this that was still in the development stages, I had no healing movements to guide me, nothing was new for this energy to be passed on, one to the other. I did not want to use Reiki for this was not being taught at the time, we were teaching level-I called Pathway, of the Mythonian Healing, there was more to be channelled and more to come, but was not yet being taught. ‘Do not worry’... Shaman Eilee said, ‘It will happen for you when you have need.’ Great… I was not full of confidence, yet believed in what she said... to at least try, after all we were being asked and guided to do this.

The Mythonian Connection

     As I began to do the healing for this person, my mind was being filled with information, I could see picture images of what I was supposed to do, like watching T.V. Immediately I started to follow these secret messages, my hands began vibrating as I gently touched the Chakra areas of the body, I was manipulating a surge of energy as I was doing the healing, many new techniques were flowing as if I had known all along how to do this, once finished I was immediately given confirmation of the healing I had just done by that person, saying she could feel the heat, the energy, and my hands felt like they were vibrating very fast, so fast she could not believe it possible, like a vibration made by an electronic device and that she now felt light, highly energised and full of well-being within her body. (5th miracle).

This information stayed with me, and was eventually written into a new teaching manual for our students to learn, one at a much higher level of learning, including the rules of healing, which made it all possible. I asked while I was doing the healing who it was that was with me, passing on this knowledge, the answer was Taleis, a Spiritual Guide that is  still with us now.

Many days and evenings were spent with Taleis passing on so much more information to both Shaman Eilee and myself for the healing procedures, including the uses of Crystals. So much so that the information was being transferred to yet another teaching, that of Crystal Healing and a massage treat called Body Harmony. These are available for you to view now as you wish it to be so. Meditation evenings were conducted while living on the beach front, the venue lending itself to all Mythonian Spiritual Ways. One would ask ‘Why did we leave, why did we split up once more’… These are ways of our Creator, as part of our learning process, it was yet to be revealed, we were being tested if you like, without knowing of the test.

As we both channelled information the demands placed on us were so great we lost sleep, we were losing the ability to think rationally and logically. We both needed a rest, yet was not asking for it. We were in a zone of Spiritual Energy that was sustaining both of us. It may well be this reason we were separated, to allow us both to recover and just be ourselves once more. It is only when time passes and one can look back at what was happening and how fast it was happening that you begin to realise God was guiding us, together we were a dynamic team, we were Spiritual Energy in Duality… which brings us closer to the answer we are seeking. Did JESUS exist? Is JESUS with us now? What proof do we have in our story that He is with us, that He walked with us and talked with us… soon all will be revealed for it is only an impossible situation that will convince you, one that could not be normal. One that was presented to us in a most unusual way. T’Laan, my Spiritual Guide, comes to tell me my sister is leaving soon, and not to worry...

Cheylia’ Comes Forth

     After being together for some twelve months on the beach front location, we separated. Both of us went our own ways and did not contact each other for over six years. A long time to dislodge a partnership, a long time to forget what we were doing… well one would think that, the truth is we both kept channelling information from all the Spiritual Guides of Mythos and beyond.

Neither of us had given up on the quest to fulfil the journey we both started together. Once again I met my sister, we were now both back in S.A. It was by chance that Shaman Eilee suggested we get back together again, I was a days drive from where she lived, so she moved and stayed at my house. Once together the information we had both channelled over the last six years was looked at by both of us. We realised it was like a jig-saw puzzle, we  started putting the pieces of text together, forming new Teachings and new understandings of Mythonian Ways. It was exciting, for it all  began to fall into place… how was this possible? (6th miracle).

After many weeks of being together it was reaching a point when we felt all was finished… how wrong that would be… it was again a new being that would change our lives once more… it was Cheylia’ presenting Herself to me in a vision, Her image was as real as if looking at myself in a mirror, her voice was gentle, yet resonated through every molecule in my body. My skin had goose bumps all over it… we communicated by thought transference, there were no words spoken, for there was no need. Cheylia’ requested we stay together for there was much more to do and much more would follow once it was revealed to both of us, an image of Her was requested so Shaman Eilee could see her as did I, so I drew a pastel sketch of her, it was a good likeness, but the colours were too rich… Shaman Eilee was the pastel expert, so she copied the sketch and redrew Cheylia’, on completion I made a few changes to Her face, between us we created an image of GOD. (7th miracle). How can two people draw one God you may ask, without stopping, pausing or thinking, without any outside influences, how?… by Spiritual Guidance.

Exactly when we felt we were finished we began to realise the journey was just beginning. A new book of knowledge was requested by Cheylia’ a book called THE SCRYPTAH. This was our final work together, for so much has been accomplished we both needed time out to relax and just be ourselves once more. We decided to go back to Queensland, however this venture failed it was too soon, it was not the right time and was done by our memories of the past and how we both enjoyed being there. Perhaps at a later time, for now we are on a Quest to help you discover confirmation of JESUS. The Scryptah will reveal all… it is a pity we do not have a video of how it was created, for it would have been this that would have convinced you greatly.

The Scryptah

     During the creation of the The Scryptah by Shaman Eilee and myself many impossible or difficult to do situations occurred.

Probably the most impressive one was when I was creating the text for the back of the book. I was typing as fast as I could, without stopping or thinking about what I was saying to any great extent, it was simply work that needed to be done at the time, Shaman Eilee said something, but it went un-noticed, once I was finished she said to me ‘Do you realise what you have done.’ I said 'Yes I just finished the text for the back of the Scryptah.'... ‘You still don’t know do you?’ Was the reply… ‘Take another look!’ Was her suggestion, then walked out. It just didn’t hit me… later on I realised what she was on about. I just created an image of the Chalice within the Holy Grail, or at least Gods desire for it to be presented like that, is more to the point. (8th miracle). The words typed have been left unchanged and unedited, for all to see.

Now it is getting close to the proof of JESUS having graced our planet.

There was information about God, about Cheylia’, about Creation, about the Codes of The Scryptah, all were flowing without hesitation, without thinking, as the words were not ours, but were channelled by us, to us, by Cheylia’, by Jehovah, by many Spiritual Guides for they are one, yes this is our Creator, this is God, the image of Jehovah and Cheylia’ are from the one source, the one image, the words given to us were from God who spoke of JESUS, and is now in The Scryptah, THIS IS YOUR PROOF, it was channelled for all to read.

The explanations of each Code of The Scryptah were typed as fast as Shaman Eilee could type, without stopping, without thinking. (9th miracle). For these words are so profound they could only come from the One Source, Cheylia’. As did the Codes come to me, six years before this happened when we were both on the Maleny Mountains, again as fast as I could write  them down, no editing, no pausing, exactly as they are today. (10th miracle). For these words are also profound and impossible to do without guidance of some kind, remember I am not a writer or an author.

For the (11th miracle) we must look at the words within The Scryptah itself for all were channelled, the information, the images, the layouts of crystals, the shroud, the Shields, there is wisdom within this text that could only come from One Source. Shaman Eilee and myself have not studied Spirituality, we had no past knowledge of it to draw on. There is purity within the words that rings of truth. For this to be so accepted you yourself must read The Scryptah and decide what is right for you. There is no wrong way to Love Cheylia’, it is enough that you have an open mind to the TRUTH. Many Messiahs have been and gone, we are two more people to add to the mysteries of God.

Olah Syraki Union

 The journey continues to  add to the mysteries of Cheylia' and Her Knowledge.

      Like all things past and present, change is usually for the better and... So It Is. My life is about to go on a new direction, guided

by Cheylia'  and another spiritual guide called Syraki Olah, with Her wisdom and knowledge of all things within our Universe and beyond beening presented to us for the Global Unification of Human Beings. I have been shown a new way of passing on the benefits Cheylia' offers. The Syraki Syrah is similar to the Mythonian Syrah offered to us by Taleis, the difference being it is in keeping within our dimension and harmonizes with that of Cheylia's Messiah "Syraki Olah" and Her Union, which is one of "White Light Vibrations, Rainbow Light and Crystalline Frequencies" and all they offer. So it is my quest begins once more, to channel the knowledge and complete Syraki Olah's desire to communicate and share in this wonderful Syrah Union and all it offers us, as we are now entering into a new 'Phase' in our Mind, Body & Spiritual Evolution that takes us well into the 21st century and beyond. We are now entering into Universal Connections to distant planets, solar systems, and other worldly beings that requires us to show our selves as Energy beings of Light and to be able to harmize with others of our kind, yet different in so many ways.

I welcome you all to share in this knowledge by joining us using the Syraki Holistic Ways created specially for this purpose. They will assist with the speading of knowledge, the healing abilities of Cheylia' and the evolutionary health progression that takes place in each individual for all of us to complete our Univeral Journey and Beyond. Cheylia' is with you always as am I.

My life on this planet is limited by my personal Physical Body, one that has served me well. I have escaped the crossing over to Cheylia's Dimension several times. One can only wonder why? I do not wish to go into detail of all the past events I am referring to, it is suffice to say a (12th miracle) that of Divine Intervention of my early ascension to allow the above to take place, meeting Cheylia' and Her Guides, for which I am truly grateful and blessed by them all. I feel I have been chosen to complete this final chapter of Spiritual Ways, the Benefits and how to tap into a Syraki Lifestyle and Energy Properties being offered to us. This will be my last entery into this brief description of my Earthly Journey. My Ley of Divinity is in place for eternity, as can yours and all be so who accept the coming of Cheylia'. May you continue lifes Journey with me and all that follow, I thank you for time shared.

May your Ley be revealed as you desire it to be so.

 So Sha, Sho'Lin Dene.


"The Eleven Miracles"

  1 - The passing of Knowledge, The Gift of Duality - Success Twice. It must be remembered Shaman Eilee

        and Sho’Lin were both saved by the Formula.

  2 - The Healing Touch of a total stranger - A Gift from Cheylia’. It was a Feminine energy Gifted to a

        Male in need - again Duality is presented to us.

  3 - The Releasing of Negative Energies by Reiki Attunements - again it was Gifted to both of us, for remember

       Shaman Eilee was also attuned to the Energies, so she too would have gone through the negative energy

       releasing procedure.

  4 - The request by Shaman Eilee was from her Spiritual Guide. The sign offered was also from Cheylia’.

       Duality was in place, both were asking for an answer, the sign offered was Shaman Eilee’s and

       Sho’Lin’s confirmation.

  5 - The healing Method passed on to Sho’Lin was for a Female in need, the energy and transference was in

       Harmony with both Healer and Receiver.

  6 - The power of Cheylia’ has never been displayed so much until the two authors match their work, only to

       discover the text belongs to one Book... "The Scryptah".

  7 - The image of Cheylia’ was offered to be seen only by Sho’Lin, Shaman Eilee completed his sketch

       without this visual benefit, adding her touches, to which Sho’Lin added his.

  8 - The image of a Chalice created by Sho’Lin is a masterpiece of Art Text, designed without being aware

       of it, but it was made known immediately to Shaman Eilee.

  9 - The explanations of The Codes of The Scryptah requested by Sho’Lin for Shaman Eilee to do, were

       done in the time it takes to write them, that same day.

10 - The Codes of The Scryptah were written very fast by Sho’Lin and left unchanged.

       Shaman Eilee recognised them as being Profound in every way.

11 - The words of wisdom within The Scryptah were compiled by both Shaman Eilee and Sho’Lin, who were

       hundreds of miles apart, without knowing what the other was doing.

      Cheylia' empowered the minds of a brother and sister when miles apart to bring together Her words of

      wisdom, proving DUALITY within and of Spiritual Awareness is possible, as is Her ability to share in this

      wonderous journey to enlightenment... And so it is... now shared by those willing to read the Mythonian

      SCRYPTAH and find the SYRAH which unites the Spiritual Energy of all those connected. So you may 

      continue to learn and enjoy all that is being presented.


A new Ley is about to be opened by Syraki Olah, information on this is being completed now.

Seek the Syraki Holistic Guide, a book of 80 pages to complete your journey.

Sho'Lin Dene's Personal Trivia?

12 - Divine Intervention? Escaping serious injuries many times via, car accidents (a vehicle written off, not even a

       cat scratch after, just a bruised hip, going 110 klm/hr), when cutting firewood  very large branch falling and

       hitting my head, falling from tall trees picking fruit, poison from shell fish (an antibiotic drip was required), sea

       entanglement due to sea-diving amongst giant kelp (a leg knife saved my life), avoiding a heart attack from a

       warning of chest pain (a stent was inserted into my heart artery that was 95% blocked), doctor said I would

       have had a serious heart attack within three days. This event was so well Choreographed, one would wonder

      how it was all possible. From the time of my chest pain, the pre-arranged doctors appointment by my wife that

      same day in the morning due to concern of my tiredness when loading firewood, a visit that afternoon to see a 

      doctor with a pre-arranged appointment before my chest pain occurred, a referral to a local hospital for a check

      up by an on duty doctor who decided to keep me overnight, then flew me to an Adelaide Heart Specialist, using

      diagnosis skills only, for fear of triggering a heart attack. Flown to the Finders Medical Centre using a flying

      doctor service, tests were done and operation performed all within a three day period.

      I walked out of the hospital on the third day feeling great. My feet never touched the ground for three days?

      With a stent inserted into a heart artery, by way off a wrist incision and a long cabled type insertion that was

      manipulated directly into the heart artery to place a stent. I viewed all the procedure on a monitor as it was

      being performed by these highly skilled and professional doctors. Yes my fellow readers I have been lucky?

      The timing for such a perfect result could not have been any better, even the weather to fly me over 400 klms.

      On reflection I am convinced now Syraki Olah and Cheylia' were with me and assisted in some way. Such is

      the importance of Their Desire to pass on Their Knowledge, a service of Continuance offered by Olah Syraki,

      Cheylia's Mystic Guide and Goddess of a past Earthly Period (her Surname is now pronounced last).

     Cheylia' and Olah offer to Guide your Destiny, for a future 'Ley', one that brings happiness and fulfilment.

     For more information on Syraki go to this link. MYTHONIAN & SYRAKI COURSES. or view books written and

     now available through at this link... LITERATURE

                         Not a miracle to be able to Deliver their Wisdom for all to benefit? You decide?

                                                                    So Sha... Sho'Lin Dene.


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